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Shield-Tab (50 Tablets/Bottle)

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Shield-Tab (50 Tablets/Bottle) - Eliminates 99.999% of Virus (including Coronavirus), Bacteria, Bacteria Spores, Fungi, Protozoa, Algae & Mold.

Chlorine Dioxide
Active ingredient: Sodium Chlorite 50 tablets/bottle

Food Grade & Safe NSF International Certified confirm to NSF/ ANSI Standard 6 Drinking Water Treatment Chemical (Health Effect). Can be use direct on post harvest crop or food at at levels approved by FDA or the EPA for such a purpose.

Ratio dilute according to purposes of disinfection, sanitation, sterilization & odour removal.

Effective contains active ingredients recommended by WHO, KKM & NEA Singapore (supported with lab test report) against Viruses, Bacteria, Baterial Spores, Beta Lactams, Algae, Fungi, Mold , Yeast, Protozoa & Microsporidia.

Environmental Friendly & Economical Certified by United States.
Environmental Protection Agency. Also, while you dilute whenever needed, it uses less heavy & bulky containers too.

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